Pennsylvania DUI Association

(June 23, 2017) - Harrisburg, The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence, (DUI) Association announces there will be an increase of both local law enforcement and the Pennsylvania State Police beginning Friday, June 23 through July 5, 2017. The focus will be stopping and arresting impaired drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

According to PennDOT data, last year there were 293 alcohol-related crashes resulting in eight fatalities from Friday, July 1, to Sunday, July 10. This marked a decrease from 2015, when there were 330 alcohol-related crashes and 11 fatalities from Friday, June 26, through Sunday, July 5, 2015. Also, during the holiday period last year, there were 101 drug-related crashes and four fatalities in those crashes, compared to 99 drug-related crashes and four fatalities in 2015.

"Law Enforcement will stop and arrest any impaired driver over the Independence holiday in an effort to protect families traveling on our roadways and prevent tragedies from occurring and further senseless loss of life", said Stephen Erni, Executive Director of the PA DUI Association. "They will utilize both standard field sobriety testing, (SFST) and advanced roadside impaired driving, (ARIDE) training to detect drivers under the influence of alcohol and or drugs to keep the motoring public safe from avoidable crashes caused by impaired drivers," he added.

Additionally, you can be arrested for BUI, (boating under the influence) while operating any watercraft if you are incapable of safe operation regardless of any blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of alcohol and or drugs. The PA Fish & Boat commission will increase enforcement efforts on the rivers and lakes during the holiday as well. Boaters also need to keep in mind; they must travel on roadways to and from their water destinations.

Crashes involving DUI are entirely preventable. Motorists should keep their families, themselves, and other motorists safe by designating a driver, or not driving or riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Passengers should never travel with an operator under the influence. Your seat belt is your first and best defense against a possible crash caused by an impaired driver or rider.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day on behalf of everyone from the PA DUI Association.

C. Stephen Erni, Executive Director, PA DUI Association
Harrisburg Headquarters - 717-238-4354 or c.717-497-5379