Illinois State Trooper Killed in Wreck

Jeremy Gorner, Rosemary Sobol and Elvia Malagon, Chicago Tribune

NORTHBROOK, Illinois — An Illinois state trooper has been killed while on duty responding to a traffic crash on I-294 in the Northbrook area, state police and sources said.

Trooper Christopher Lambert was on his way home just before 4:45 p.m. when he came across a crash involving multiple cars on the northbound lanes of I-294 near Willow Road, said Leo Schmitz, director of Illinois State Police, during a news conference late Saturday. Schmitz described Lambert, 34, as making a “typical trooper move” when he stopped on the left shoulder to investigate the crash.

“He sees a three-vehicle crash, he positions his vehicle in the left-hand lanes so to save the lives of those people in the crash,” Schmitz said. “He w…

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